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ADVANCED Transcription


  • Life-time GitHub Repo access
  • Access to future uploaded Inference Scripts
  • Ability to post Issues

Suitable for:

  • Adding support for uncommon/new words or phrases
  • Improving performance on specific accents
  • Improving performance on specific languages

Repo Content = all you need to fine-tune speech-to-text models:

  • Dataset Generation
  • Fine-tuning Whisper
  • Evaluation

Note: Price for new buyers increases periodically as new content is added.

Video Tutorials

4 thoughts on “ADVANCED Transcription”

  1. Hi my friend!

    My name is Pedro Henrique, and I am a Brazil-based radiologist interested in enhancing the efficiency of imaging diagnostics through advanced technology. I came across your work with the Whisperer AI and became excited about the possibility of applying a customized model in my daily practice. The aim is to use automated transcription to improve the documentation of diagnoses without any commercial intent.

    I possess basic to intermediate knowledge in Python and JavaScript, primarily used to develop personal scripts that facilitate my professional activities. Your expertise in customizing the Whisperer AI, especially in fine tuning, could be precisely what I need to integrate this innovation into my work.

    Could you provide details about how your product can be adapted to a radiologist’s needs? Given my limited experience with fine tuning, is it feasible for me to apply your customized scripts and achieve an effective model for transcription in radiology?

    Furthermore, I am interested in learning more about post-purchase support. How are inquiries and technical assistance managed after buying the product? This information will be crucial to ensure a smooth and efficient transition to using this technology in my work environment.

    I am confident that your solution could represent a significant advancement in my medical practice. I look forward to your response and am available to discuss any additional details.


    Pedro Henrique

    1. Hi Pedro,

      I suppose you could fine-tune a whisper model with a recording of some key radiologist terminology. You would need to record yourself (or get a recording) and then follow the youtube video demo along with the scripts in the repository.

      If you have issues after purchase, you can post an “Issue” in the GitHub repository – I typically reply back within a few days with my suggestions.

  2. Hi there,
    I don’t have enough money to purchase your repo, and I am student by profession and I am keen to learn finetuning STT model.

    Kind Help me with some exceptions, please🥺🥺

    1. Howdy, my recc is to go through the channel. By following along and using the free materials I link, you’ll be able to learn. This will take more time than purchasing the repo, but you’ll get a deeper understanding and that will be great for you as a student. I’m wishing you the best!

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