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AI Essentials for Office Workers

Course Features:

  • A 10-chapter “Learn by Doing” Course you can complete within 90 minutes.
  • Life-time Course Access, including future updates.
  • Money-back guarantee. Feel you won’t save at least 10 hours of time by having taken the course? Reply back to the email with your receipt for a full refund within 7 days.

Who is this for?

This course is for office workers (accountants, engineers, finance professionals, etc.) looking to save time by using AI for daily tasks. This course is not for those already familiar with fine-tuning or building AI models OR using language models via API.

Course Structure:

  • 10 mini lessons, each containing:
    • A 3-5 minute video.
    • A mini-task for you to complete.
  • Time commitment = 45 minutes of videos + 45 mins of tasks = 90 mins.

Course Contents:

1. ChatGPT Basics – Privacy and prompt formatting techniques.

2. Handling Large Input Files – Analysing long documents and reports with Claude OPUS or GPT-4.

3. Document Creation and Formatting – Creating formatted documents for Google Docs.

4. Social Media Posts – Creating Draft Posts for LinkedIn.

5. Better than Google Search – Using to ask questions.

6. Data Management – Transforming raw data into structured spreadsheets for analysis.

7. Very Simple Coding with ChatGPT – Writing code to convert a PDF to text.

8. Using ChatGPT for Calculations – Calculating annualized stock returns using ChatGPT Plus features.

9. Data Visualization – Creating graphs to visualize stock performance trends.

10. Querying Data from Online Databases – Fetching real-time data from the internet, like daily stock prices or weather.

Buying Access:

  • For business. Each purchase comes with a detailed invoice, so you can claim the cost as a business expense.
  • For students. 50% discount with the code STUDENTOFFICE.

Course Overview

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