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Consulting: Book an AI Review Session

This product includes a preliminary review of the client’s questions, followed by a 45-minute video call meeting.

  • When booking, clients submit details of their project/questions (must be brief) and book a 45 minute meeting.
  • Ronan will pre-read the materials and respond by email with any clarifying questions prior to the meeting.
  • After the meeting, Ronan will send a summary of the discussion.

Clients may optionally choose for the meeting to be recorded. Recordings will be maintained confidential by Trelis and will not be used for training models.

If Trelis does not have the expertise to provide this service, the purchase amount – less a 50 Euro review – fee will be refunded to the client. Clients can review the materials on to obtain a better understanding of Trelis’ area of expertise.

6 thoughts on “Consulting: Book an AI Review Session”

  1. I am interested an LLM review meeting, but I am not quite ready to commit and schedule. Do your customers tend to find 1 session adequate, or should we anticipate several spaced out over 2-3 months?

  2. Any chance you’d mentor me as an individual on a project?

    I interpreted for 5 deaf students on their computer degrees.
    Proposed project name: Snapshot Consciousness.
    Key terms: type 1 and type 2 thinking, transparency, alignment, intuition, inventiveness, synthetic data, cognition, limiting AGI.

    1. Hi Joe, at what point is the checkbox appearing? Is it just after you click the purchase button?

      I suggest trying to use another browser. If you are using a VPN, try reconnecting.

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