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Trelis AI Grants

This is a pilot program running in the second quarter of 2024 offering up to five $500 grants to individuals pursuing advances in the field of AI models.

Ideas that can become financially self-sustaining will be preferred.

Who can apply?

Individuals of any age and location that have an active GitHub/GitLab account. Grants will not be provided to companies or NGOs.

What initiatives are eligible?

Any initiative that progresses the development and use of AI models is eligible. This might include:

  • Training
  • Fine-tuning
  • Inferencing
  • Other tools for deploying AI models

What is the grant process?

  1. Fill out this application form.
  2. Selected applicants will be emailed for a 15-minute interview on a rolling basis throughout the quarter. Every applicant should hear back by email by 6 pm Irish time on the next Friday after they apply.
  3. Grants will be awarded to successful interview candidates on a rolling basis until five grants have been issued. Interviewees will be notified within 1 hour after interview. Payment will be initiated with 48 hours of grant completion.

How are grants paid?

Grant recipients will be required to provide an invoice to Trelis LTD and will be paid in the following preference order.

  1. Bank transfer to any of the following countries.
  2. The grantee providing a Paypal or Stripe invoice.
  3. As a last resort, payments can be made in the form of Runpod credits (for GPU rental).

Are there any strings attached?

On completion of their grant, grantees are required to submit:

  • A Title/Headline for what they accomplished.
  • A 280 character tweet-style summary.
  • A 500 word summary.

With the grantee’s permission, Trelis will announce the grant recipient’s name, project name and tweet-style summary.

Trelis does not claim any rights to the work being done by the grantee for this grant.