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Trelis Mart Server – Lifetime Repo Access

Sell access to your Github Repos!


  • A configurable Flask-based web app allowing you to sell access to your GitHub repos.
  • Sell access to your repos with no further fees other than payment processing.
  • Lifetime repo access, including future improvements.
  • Ability to post Issues.


  • Stripe account
  • Sendgrid (free) account
  • A Heroku account and payment method ($5/month for eco dynos) RECOMMENDED OR an EC2 server (AWS, Azure etc.).
  • A GitHub account (and repo you want to sell!)
  • Setup time = 15-30 mins.

Repo Content = all you need to fine-tune speech-to-text models:

  • Flask Web-app allowing for GitHub Access Automation
  • Includes a Front-End for Log-in and management of product automations.
  • Heroku setup script.
  • Local/server setup script (requires additional domain/port configuration if deploying on an EC2 instance).


  • Lifetime access is per person (individual).
  • Lifetime access includes the benefit of future additions to the Trelis Mart Server repo.
  • Buying access allows you to use and modify (but not distribute) the repo content to automate access to your GitHub repos. The content may not be used to create a hosted service (i.e. allowing third parties to automate access to their products).

Note: Price for new buyers increases periodically as new content is added.

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